My Story

1964810_10202575633744056_1479749637_n (2)Hello everyone, my name is Jeffrey Benedek. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I went to school and university here. I’ve never lived outside of the Chicago area yet. My goal is to move to California soon. I went to a great university and graduated with honors. My first job out of school was in banking. I didn’t like it! I learned a lot from it though and for that I’m grateful. After that job I worked many different jobs mostly as an administrative assistant or a retail clerk. Then one day at work I seriously injured my back. I went through a lot of physical therapy, but never fully recovered. Between my back and other health concerns, I knew I had to make a big change in my life. After trying to find a job where I wouldn’t have to be on my feet all day and where I could work from home. I discovered internet marketing.

What I Can Do For You

  • I’ve been doing internet marketing and blogging for about three years now.


  • I tried a lot of different companies and spent a lot of money trying to find one I could succeed with. After a lot of trial and error, I finally found a couple of really great companies that I am doing well with.


  • I offer three years of experience in internet marketing, blogging and Facebook marketing.


  • I will teach you how to succeed online with a blogging business. I will teach you marketing strategies to leverage Facebook and get as many FREE leads as you want.


My Blogs and other Ventures

I write about fashion, self improvement, health and internet marketing of course. I also have my own line of handmade jewelry. I guess you can say I’m doing well, but I’m always striving to do better.


I look forward to hearing from you,


Jeffrey Benedek



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